How to Find a Reliable and Affordable Car Transport Service

No matter what type of automobile you own, taking good care of your vehicle is important. Buying an automobile is a major purchase, so you’ll want to go the extra mile when finding quality car care. When most people think of taking proper care of their vehicles, they think of scheduling regular oil changes and tune ups, but it also means finding the best services when you have to transport your automobile.

Transporting vehicles can be a pain, but with a little research and know-how, it isn’t too difficult to find an affordable service to move your vehicle wherever it needs to go. Whether you’re looking for car transport in NY or in CA, by adhering to the following guidelines and tips, you can find safe and reliable car transport services to move your automobile anywhere in the country.

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when hiring a car transport service is insurance. Even if you find the most reliable transport service available, accidents and damages are always possible. And the last think you want, is a wrecked or banged-up car. Because your vehicle is a large investment, it is crucial to ensure that your car transport service offers insurance on your vehicle during transport so that in the case of scratches, dents, or more serious problems, you will receive the money you need to repair the damages.

Although most car transport services are probably trustworthy, blindly trusting in a service’s honesty is not gamble you should take. Thus, it is always a great idea to take pictures of your car from all sides, particularly of all existing scratches and damages on both the inside and outside. That way, if you spot a new scratch or dent on your vehicle after transport, you can prove that it was not a preexisting condition, and that the car transport service is responsible.

A good transport service may also offer their own car inspection services, which is valuable because they will document the condition of the vehicle before shipping so that they can compare it to the condition of the vehicle after delivery. Be sure to ask for a copy of the inspection of report before transit so that you can compare the document to your own inspection.

And as with any business or organization, you should check car transport services out on the Better Business Bureau. On the Better Business Bureau you can read unbiased information about the company and can even see any recent complaints filed against them. Although the BBB may not be able to give you all the information you need, it can easily raise some red flags if there are problems

Also, any good car transport service should be comfortable in providing you with a list of referrals. Talking to people who have used the transport service in the past is a great way to receive honest feedback about the reliability and quality of service of a car transport company. Although it may take some extra time, it may be worth the effort if it helps you find a great auto transport company.

Another thing to check out when finding a great car transport service is delivery options. Different services offer different types of delivery services. Some will pick the car up at your door and drop it off at your new home, while others only pick-up and deliver vehicles at corporate terminals that may or may not be incredibly close to where you live. Although terminal-to-terminal delivery may be more inconvenient, it may also be cheaper than door-to-door service, so it’s best to consider all of your options in relation to your needs.

When hiring a car transport service, it is also important to be clear on the schedule and to schedule in advance. Most transport services can’t pick up a vehicle on just any day of the week. Most ship several vehicles at a time and work off a somewhat flexible schedule. Discussing scheduling with the transport service in-depth long before the time you need to ship your automobile will allow you to have plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements that will best fit their and your schedules.

It is also important to note that because carriers ship several vehicles at once, they have to make multiple stops along their route, which means that it may take several more days than expected to deliver your automobile, so remember to be patient and to expect at least eight to ten days for transit. And although being patient is good, you should also ask if the transport service guarantees punctuality or will deduct a certain amount from the overall price if they’re late. Many quality transport services will offer these guarantees.

Also, many transport services charge by the weight of the vehicle, so a mostly-empty gas tank could potentially save you a few bucks. And as a courtesy to other people using the same transport service, be sure to tell the servicer if your car leaks oil or any other fluids so that they put your vehicle on the bottom row of the trailer. If they put it on the top, the fluids could potentially damage the cars below it.

And of course, one of the best things you can do to find an affordable transport service is to shop around. Establish the limits of your budget, and look at the prices of several auto transport companies in your area and compare prices, deals, and services. And remember that the biggest company is not always the best.